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25 April 2006 @ 12:59 am
i am getting really sentimental in my last days at moravian. the next couple of weeks are going to be very bittersweet. there's lots of love in my heart right now (which is a welcome change from that hate/frustration that was in there a while ago)! i plan on leaving the lehigh valley with no regrets, and no hard feelings. eveyone i know has added something positive to my life, and it's going to be rough leaving it all behind.
24 April 2006 @ 02:15 am
i have one week left of my undergraduate career. on may 1st i will be finished with my final semester of college. yowza. then i will get to spend the two weeks between the end of my semester and graduation wreeking havoc in the lehigh valley and surrounding areas. i'm getting it all out of my system now, because i plan on becoming a responsible adult after i graduate (though i'm not quite sure what all that entails). i really just plan on drinking minimally after college, and destroying less possessions/homes/lives. that's a reasonable goal, right?

p.s. i got a really nice e-mail tonight that made me feel great about people, and life in general. so now i'm going to bed happy.
12 April 2006 @ 01:23 am
guys...a year from now, i want to be in central/south america teaching english. that is my goal, and that is what will make me happy. i know that between now and then i will think of excuses not to go, and my parents will do the same. please, as my friends, do not let me back down from this goal. i will regret it if i don't do this. also, just so you know. at this moment in my life i am happy with everyone. there is not a single person in my life that i dislike or am angry with. life is too short for that type of nonsense. i'm not sure where i'm going with this, i'm getting very sweepy.

p.s. current disinterest= unwashed privates
27 March 2006 @ 01:30 am
last night was a good one. my arms, legs, and back are sore from dancing. i slipped and hurt my arm at one point, and it hurt like a bitch...i was afraid for a few minutes that it was broken, and i was going to be disfigured forever because i don't have health insurance and i wouldn't be able to afford a cast (which is ridiculous for several reasons). but no worries because it's just bruised. last night was also cathardic in a lot of ways. i got some things off my chest that i've been holding inside for way too long. i appreciate so much that some very good friends were there to listen to me. my life has been so satisfying lately, and it's such a good feeling. it has a lot to do with the amazing people i've been spending my time with.

on another positive note, i just finished reading Crónica de una muerte anunciada by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. i really love his writing. i also have great memories tied to his work. i read One Hundred Years of Solitude while i was in spain, a little bit each day during siesta. his writing style just evokes so many of the emotions and experiences i went through while i was away. as i was reading today, i could picture so clearly my little room in seville, and i could feel the intense, dry heat that crept into the apartment in the middle of the day.

that's enough nostalgia for now, i need to get some sleep.
25 March 2006 @ 02:00 am
for some reason i always feel like a d-bag when i go to write in this LJ business. most of the people who read this know what i'm up to all the time anyway.

FYI the silk mill burned down today. i can still smell the smoke in the air and it's making me crave barbecue (it's ok to joke about this, because nobody died).

i'm on a mission to become a better (ie less mean/dispicable) person. so if anyone catches me acting like an a-hole, please call me on it.

i had a really good day today with SJ and MF at wine down and dinner and B&N. it was very relaxing and entertaining and i giggled a whole heck of a lot. and now i'm sleepy, so i'm going to bed.
12 March 2006 @ 08:37 pm
sj and i ran in a 5K race yesterday. it was part of the st. patrick's day parade festivities in scranton. running like that felt really good, especially with all those drunk people cheering us on. i haven't run in an actual race like that since maybe eighth grade. i had forgotten how exciting it could be. yesterday was a beautiful day for a run, too. it was warm and sunny. i ended up getting a little sun-burned (of course). my thighs hurt today, and i like that feeling. i definitely want to do something like this again....i'd like to try and finish a little faster next time, though.

i tried to get new glasses yesterday too, but that just turned into a big disappontment. apparently, my vision is too crappy for me to actually get glasses that i like. i did get a haircut though, so that made up for it a little.

last week i started going to training sessions to become an adult literacy/ESL tutor. it's been really interesting so far. there's a pretty diverse group of people attending the sessions. there's a chemistry professor from romania, and a man whose father was an ESL teacher, so he's lived all over the world. i also met a girl who graduated from lehigh with a degree in spanish, and she actually went to seville with the same group that i did, but in 1998. i'm really excited to meet some of the people we'll be working with. we're having a hands-on training session with them on wednesday, so i'm looking forward to that.

oh yea, i also wanted to mention this. i met my parent's real estate agent this weekend, and she thought i was 15 years old. she was only off by about 7 years. i don't think i look THAT young. maybe if i start really whoring it out with the make-up, i can pass for an adult?
28 February 2006 @ 12:26 am
sooo, my digital camera is still broken, and sony is telling me they're going to charge me a minimum of $110 to fix it, which seems kind of ridiculous, since i'm pretty sure the problem is just with the zoom lens. does anyone know of a place around here, or maybe in the scranton area, that does repair on digital cameras? i can't find anything in the yellow pages, but i know a lot of you peeps have cameras, so maybe you can give me some suggestions. i'd try to fiddle with it myself, but i think we all know that would end badly.
20 February 2006 @ 11:09 am
ohhhh dear. presentations make me nervous. even when they aren't too formal. in case anyone didn't know, i have a problem with fidgetting when i'm nervous. i don't even realize i'm doing it until someone else points it out to me. just to be safe, i'm wearing layers today (upwards of 2 shirts) so i can avoid a repeat of my stomach-exposing history presentation from last semester. today's spanish presentation lasts an entire class period (50 minutes), which leaves plenty of time for me to do something stupid. blah blah blah migración blah blah blah. i can be a real mess sometimes. i really want to be good at this....i'm well prepared, so as long as i relax and take deep breaths and speak slowly and clearly, i should be all right. please cross your fingers for me that i do a good job, because i'll be really disappointed in myself if i don't.
15 February 2006 @ 01:13 am
i had a very inspiring conversation with one of my favorite professors this afternoon. she really boosted my confidence about my post-graduation plans. it felt really good to have someone support me like that, someone who i really respect and admire. i'm really excited about next year now. OH, and i submitted all my financial aid and scholarship information this morning, so hopefully i'll be receiving some cash-money to help me pay my tuition. i'm feeling really good about life right now.

hope everyone had a good and/or sexy valentines day.
22 January 2006 @ 11:04 pm
this weekend was long and weird and good and destructive. i have anxiety about all the things i want to say to people that i'm afraid won't come out right. i have anxiety about the opportunities i've let pass me by. i need to give and receive more hugs. i'm teething right now, and it's an annoying feeling. in case you didn't know, i've only got 24 teeth, because that's all i have room for in my little mouth. this new arrival is just going to cause problems. i'm ready to forgive and forget all the crappy/painful/stupid things that have happened in my past. the bad things aren't worth dwelling on anymore. i love and appreciate all my good friends right now, and i don't want that to stop. the end.